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DB: How much of your work is art and how much is pure skill?

EH: I think of myself as a working artist, one whose job is to create a set of photographs that hold someone's memories with as much strength and meaning as possible. Skill comes into this in several ways: Certainly, technical skills are necessary, but more important is using photography artistically and creatively--we sometimes use alternative techniques like infrared film or a pinhole camera. But what matters most are people skills. This is what lets me take photographs that are real and that truly capture relationships between people.

DB: Do you have a formula for incorporating all these different techniques into a wedding?

EH: No. Each wedding is designed individually--how much more color, how much black and white, how much arty technique, how many photographers. Everyone wants something different, and I look at each wedding as unique. The bottom line is that the photos must convey a story and a feeling.

DB: We've already discussed your main goal, but what is your main motivation for doing photography?

EH: What drew me to photography in the first place were people and relationships. It's not the technical stuff. That's the filter through which I perceive everything in my business.

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